Producer services

Brand Integration is the excellent source of secondary funding for entertainment properties. We assist producers in creating new revenue streams using advertising dollars by building brand messages organically into the existing storyline or show structure. The creative staff at BiE is sensitive to the integrity of the entertainment properties and seeks to create successful brand integrations. We operate with the knowledge that the most effective integrations are those that can be inserted seamlessly. BiE is consistently ahead of the curve, creating win-win opportunities for both brand names and entertainment properties, giving your production a means to expand its budget with funds that never need to be repaid. BiE has relationships with every major advertising firm in the U.S. and abroad – which gives us access to literally thousands of brands with annual line item budgets allotted for branding. In many cases, we are able to work directly with brands to ensure the integration properly aligns with the brand objectives. Correspondingly, we match advertisers/brands with entertainment properties from major studios, networks and independent production companies. Additionally, we assist production companies seeking secondary funding to secure domestic distribution or we can assist a producer in selling a series to a network. By examining historical data along with latest media trends, we can leverage across a variety of distribution platforms. BiE also identifies and develops ancillary opportunities to cross promote your project by the brand sponsors. We have developed service packages based on the variety of needs our clients require.